Depends. A=11.6% more page views, B=26% more visits

Test results:

Version A sent 93 visitors to the site, resulting in 211 page views.
Version B sent 118 visitors to the site, resulting in 189 page views.

So... Was the test a success?

Yes, I believe it was. With this test, we were trying to learn a marketing lesson we could apply to all CUT marketing emails, not just blog emails. We wanted to know how much influence Sarah has on her audience. While the results aren't conclusive with this email, we're finding that Sarah does have more influence than we thought and that we should test using her influence in other formats, such as an eNewsletter subscription invite.

Now what?

What about the blog email? We'll try it again. Perhaps this was a fluke - we do have a small list to test. Perhaps people were more engaged with email A because they thought a letter from Sarah signified something important, rather than a routine email. And maybe it should. Results may drop off if we send a blog letter from her twice each month. We also have additional approaches we'd like to try. Think there's a better approach? Let me know! I'd love to brainstorm and test it out!

My testing tip: Think big

When starting a series of email tests, THINK BIG. Start with 2 completely different approaches that will teach you a marketing lesson about your audience, then fine-tune your creative. In this case, now we know that communication with Sarah resonates.

Examples of bigger-picture tests are testing an emotive vs credibility approach or product features imagery vs benefit imagery. Once you're on the right path for your audience, you can fine-tune the details - like subject line testing.

Stay tuned for more test results - and share your own!

We're in the midst of several tests and are planning more. We'll receive the results from our CE test in a few days. Stay tuned for the results - and share your own!